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Typical web browser bookmarking:

  1. Add to Favorites
  2. Never visit that site again because favorites list quickly became too big, unwieldy, unordered and unmanageable.

What does iFaves do?

  • Automatically and instantly share bookmarks with contacts, including assigning multiple contacts to any tag, so you can save and share with a predefined group of contacts without any extra work.
  • Tracks how often you visit bookmarked sites and displays most-visited links first
  • Hierarchical tag tree lets you quickly filter bookmarks based on tag combinations
  • Calendar view shows which days you bookmarked sites
  • Track which bookmarks you've shared or received from other users
  • Shows thumbnails for bookmarked jpeg images
  • Shows the content of bookmarked RSS feeds (including feed autodiscovery)
  • Import your existing browser bookmarks
  • Save and organize notes

Easy. Free. Nothing to install. Try the demo.

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"Now that I use iFaves as my home page, all my favorite sites are on my browser's start page, and everything else is essentially two clicks away. And one of the things I like best, is that when bookmarking a site, if I want to send it to someone else (which is something I do a lot), it's one extra click on their nickname, instead of what I used to do, which was copy and paste the URL into a new email every time." -Ian Donen, iFaves.com co-founder

Web publishers: How to add iFaves bookmarking to your site


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